“Particle Physics”, the intellectual weaponry for research workers

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Htay Saung


Most spoken, yet not clearly defined is the genesis and integration of osteoblasts. Should the implant surface be threaded, as it is, and be anodized only to roughen it for the coatings to be adhered to? Or smoothed and polished to absorb photons and pour out electrons by virtue of the Nobel-Prize-awarded “photoelectric-effect”, to anodize and create ( + ) ions for attracting ( - ) osteoblasts?. By adhesion of osteoblasts to coatings the bonding is superficial; between oppositely charged ions, chelation (ionic bonding) reaches beyond. Another key issue is “metaplasia” for transforming adult fibroblasts into adult osteoblasts spontaneously, versus osteogenesis out of stem cells, taken about -8- cell divisions. The answers are given in terms of Particle Physics, only by which cutting-edge science, the shroud of myth and mystery is step by step clarified clean-cut.

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Saung, H. (2020). “Particle Physics”, the intellectual weaponry for research workers. Myanmar Dental Journal, 27(1), 6–11. Retrieved from http://mda-journals.com/index.php/mdj/article/view/2
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Htay Saung, Department of Prosthodontics, University of Dental Medicine, Yangon.

Professor Emeritus