Photoperiodontics: light therapies in periodontal disease management

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Nay Aung


Light therapies are commonly used to treat a wide variety of diseases in photomedicine and laser surgery. With recent development of new innovative laser/light-emitting diode (LED) devices, there has been increased interest in using light therapies to periodontal and peri-implant treatments in photoperiodontics. Laser therapy with surgical or nonsurgical periodontal procedures may improve prognosis of treatment outcomes due to its advantages of better access, minimally invasive surgery, reduction of inflammation and pain, wound detoxification, enhanced healing and regeneration, and greater patient acceptance. Adjunctive phototherapy using LED with or without a photosensitizer also seems to have clinical improvements and benefits. However, further researches are still needed to be evaluated and validated in well-designed controlled clinical studies. This review article briefly discusses the use of different light therapies in the management of periodontal and implant-related diseases including possible risks and complications.

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