Effectiveness of hard liner in poorly fitting lower complete denture

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Moe Soe Naing
Aung Thu Hein
Myat Lay Ko
Than Swe


Edentulism is a handicap that affects the quality of life and nutrition. Despite advances in preventive dentistry, edentulism is still a major public health problem worldwide. More than one third of edentulous patients are not fully satisfied with their complete dentures and mainly complained of insufficient retention, masticatory efficiency and pain during mastication because of their ill-fitting dentures. This can be due to alveolar ridge resorption, wear and damage to the denture base, particularly with their mandibular dentures. The purpose of this study is to observe the effectiveness of hard lined old dentures compared with new lower dentures in retention, masticatory efficiency and patient satisfaction. Retention of all study dentures was measured by a force gauge, the masticatory efficiency was evaluated by using of color changeable chewing gum and the patient satisfaction was assessed by modified Smith’s method. There were no significant differences between the retentive force and masticatory efficiency of hard lined old dentures and new lower dentures (p>0.05) in both time points. Regarding patient satisfaction, there was significant difference at the day after delivery (p<0.05) where majority of hard lined old denture scored with high satisfaction but there was no significant difference after adaptation period (two weeks after delivery) (p>0.05). It can be concluded that improvements in retention, masticatory efficiency, patient satisfaction of hard lined old lower dentures can be comparable to those of new lower dentures and given immediate patient satisfaction.

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Naing, M. S., Hein, A. T., Ko, M. L., & Swe, T. (2021). Effectiveness of hard liner in poorly fitting lower complete denture. Myanmar Dental Journal, 27(1), 36–44. Retrieved from http://mda-journals.com/index.php/mdj/article/view/8
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